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Human Life PAC Candidate Endorsements

October 15, 2010

Ballots have dropped!!!

I value the work Human Life PAC does to vet candidates here in Washington State, thank you Dan Kennedy. Take a look before you vote!


Human Life Political Action Committee has surveyed candidates for the U. S. House, Senate, and the State Legislature.

We urge citizens to review all candidates listed below. Some candidates have a complete pro-life position and have received the Human Life PAC endorsement. Human Life PAC endorses pro-life incumbents in races where the incumbent faces a 100% pro-life challenger. When a previously endorsed candidate and current office holder runs for a higher/different office, that candidate is treated as an incumbent, and receives the endorsement.

Other candidates responding to the survey are in near or partial agreement with Human Life PAC’s pro-life position, and they deserve your consideration also.

“The care of all human life and happiness, and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government,” Thomas Jefferson. The Declaration of Independence affirms that Life is first necessary before liberty or the pursuit of happiness can exist. Talk of human rights is but a charade, if it is only for the “chosen” of the human family.

Pro-Life is pro-rights! Election Day affords an opportunity to elect men and women who are pro-life – regardless of their political party – who will vote to protect the right-to-life for all.

Based on qualifying criteria, Human Life PAC has endorsed candidates who assent to the truth that all human beings are valuable – the woman, her preborn child, those with disabilities, the elderly and the terminally ill. Endorsed candidates are indicated by YES in the endorsed column. Other candidates who are in near or partial agreement are noted as “some” and are included in this list.

Codes: C = Constitution Party; D = Democrat; R = Republican

STATE SUPREME COURT Jim Johnson, Position 1 – Endorsed

STATE SUPREME COURT Richard Sanders, Position 6 – Endorsed…

Office District Position End. Candidate
US House 2   Yes John Koster (R)
US House 3   Yes Jamie Herrera (R)
US House 4   Yes Doc Hastings (R)
US House 5   Yes Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)
US House 6   Some Doug Cloud (R)
US House 9   Yes Dick Muri (R)
State Leg 01 Pos. 1 Yes Dennis Richter (R)
State Leg 01 Pos. 2 Yes Heidi Munson (R)
State Leg 02 Pos. 1 Yes Jim McCune (R)
State Leg 02 Pos. 2 Yes Thom Campbell (R)
State Leg 02 Pos. 2 100% James Wilcox (R)
State Leg 03 Pos. 1 Yes Dave White (R)
State Leg 04 Pos. 1 Yes Larry Crouse (R)
State Leg 04 Pos. 2 Yes Matt Shea (R)
State Leg 05 Pos. 2 Some Glenn Anderson (R)
State Leg 06 Senate Yes Michael Baumgartner (R)
State Leg 06 Pos. 1 Yes Kevin Parker (R)
State Leg 06 Pos. 2 Yes John Ahern (R)
State Leg 07 Pos. 1 Yes Shelly Short (R)
State Leg 07 Pos. 2 Yes Joel Kretz (R)
State Leg 08 Pos. 1 Yes Brad Klippert (R)
State Leg 08 Pos. 2 Yes Larry Haler (R)
State Leg 12 Pos. 1 Yes Cary Condotta (R)
State Leg 12 Pos. 2 Yes Cliff Courtney (R)
State Leg 13 Senate Yes Janea Holmquist (R)
State Leg 13 Pos. 1 Yes Judy Warnick (R)
State Leg 13 Pos. 2 Yes Bill Hinkle (R)
State Leg 14 Pos. 1 Yes Michele Strobel (R)
State Leg 15 Senate Yes Jim Honeyford (R)
State Leg 15 Pos. 1 Yes Bruce Chandler (R)
State Leg 15 Pos. 2 Yes David Taylor (R)
State Leg 16 Pos. 1 Yes Brenda High (C)
State Leg 17 Pos. 1 Yes Brian Peck (R)
State Leg 17 Pos. 2 Yes Paul Harris (R)
State Leg 18 Pos. 1 Yes Ann Rivers (R)
State Leg 18 Pos. 2 Yes Ed Orcutt (R)
State Leg 19 Pos. 1 Yes Kurt Swanson (R)
State Leg 19 Pos. 2 Yes Tim Sutinen (LT)
State Leg 21 Senate Yes David Preston (R)
State Leg 21 Pos. 2 Yes Elizabeth Scott (R)
State Leg 22 Pos. 1 Yes Jason Hearn (R)
State Leg 23 Pos. 2 Yes James Olson (R)
State Leg 24 Pos. 1 Yes Dan Gase (R)
State Leg 24 Pos. 2 Some Jim McEntire (R)
State Leg 25 Pos. 1 Yes Bruce Dammeier (R)
State Leg 25 Pos. 2 Yes Hans Zeiger (R)
State Leg 26 Senate Yes Marty McClendon (R)
State Leg 26 Pos. 1 Yes Jan Angel (R)
State Leg 28 Pos. 2 Yes Paul Wagemann (R)
State Leg 29 Pos. 1 Yes Steven Cook (R)
State Leg 30 Senate Yes Tony Moore (R)
State Leg 30 Pos. 1 Yes Mark Miloscia (D)
State Leg 31 Senate Yes Pam Roach (R)
State Leg 31 Pos. 1 Yes Cathy Dahlquist (R)
State Leg 31 Pos. 2 Some Patrick Reed (R)
State Leg 32 Pos. 1 Yes Art Coday M.D. (R)
State Leg 32 Pos. 2 Yes Gary Gagliardi (R)
State Leg 33 Senate ? Jack Michalek (R)
State Leg 35 Senate Yes Nancy Williams (R)
State Leg 36 Pos. 2 Some Jill England (R)
State Leg 37 Pos. 2 Some John Stafford (D)
State Leg 38 Pos. 2 Yes Iris Lilly (R)
State Leg 39 Pos. 1 Yes Kirk Pearson (R)
State Leg 39 Pos. 2 Yes Dan Kristiansen (R)
State Leg 40 Pos. 1 Some Michael Newman (R)
State Leg 42 Senate Yes Doug Erickson (R)
State Leg 42 Pos. 1 Yes Jason Overstreet (R)
State Leg 42 Pos. 2 Yes Vincent Buys (R)
State Leg 44 Senate Yes Dave Schmidt (R)
State Leg 45 Pos. 2 Yes Mark Isaacs (R)
State Leg 47 Pos. 1 Yes Mark Hargrove (R)
State Leg 47 Pos. 2 Yes Rodrigo Yanez (R)
State Leg 48 Pos. 2 Yes Philip Wilson (R)
State Leg 49 Senate Some Craig Riley (R)
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