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WLC Reports: A Matter of Conscience

August 5, 2010

***See new comment below for an important update:***

In their latest video, Washington Life Coalition (WLC) begins with a recap of Dino Rossi’s compromises on abortion policy:

1) Favors legalized abortion in the cases of rape and incest.
2) Never sponsored legislation on abortion, and doesn’t intend to in the Senate.
3) Will not make abortion a litmus test for Supreme Court Justice.

WLC then reveals the most disturbing piece of Rossi’s record: His vote to override the conscience of hospitals, requiring them to advertise and dispense emergency contraception (morning-after-pill) to sexual assault victims upon request. (Senate Bill 6537).

When taken after conception, emergency contraception works by preventing implantation of the embryo, causing an abortion. Use of the drug is against Catholic, Christian, and pro-life values.

Rape victims require immediate and complete medical care. Offering an abortifacient medication is not healthcare, and is not the mission of hospital workers whose purpose is to save lives.

The bill passed.

When asked about abortion, Rossi’s favorite line is that he is “Catholic” and will “vote his conscience”.

Not only is this vote out of line with the Catholic Church’s teaching, it interferes with the conscience of other individuals and groups seeking to freely excercise their convictions.

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  1. August 11, 2010 11:22 pm

    If you have been listening to the news lately, you may have heard further information come out on this bill, regarding the support it received from several Catholic Bishops, and the statement released by Human Life of Washington in defense of Rossi. I will be looking into these developments in the days ahead, and reporting back.

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