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“Little Emily”: Dino Rossi’s True Position on Abortion

June 29, 2010

Little Emily just wants things lots of other girls have…

New Pro-Life Activist Group Exposes the Truth on Rossi

The Washington Life Coalition (WLC), is a newly formed pro-life advocacy group dedicated to promoting the Unalienable Right to LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Without discrimination. Without exception. Without compromise. 

Can the same be said of U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi? 

For years, Rossi has laid claim to the unquestioning support of his pro-life base—this despite a record of vague public statements and compromises. In the absence of a firm position, pro-lifers have been content to fill in the blanks with wishful thinking and generous assumptions. 
“No more,” said WLC spokeswoman Mary Emanuel. “That support is something Mr. Rossi can no longer count on.” 
The time for assumptions is over. The mission of WLC is to present the truth about where the candidates stand on the issue of abortion so that pro-life voters know the truth when marking their ballots. 
When it comes to abortion, Dino Rossi can be difficult to pin down.

 In 2004, the Seattle Times reported: 
“…Dino Rossi has undergone a transformation. Once a candidate who talked openly about his opposition to abortion and gay rights, Rossi no longer brings up such issues …Rossi says when he first started out in politics, he was ‘maybe a little more idealistic than realistic on some things. … Over time, you kind of temper some of the things you once believed.’” 
In the early 1990’s, Rossi identified with pro-life causes; in more recent years he has gone out of his way to avoid discussing his views on social issues. 
So where, exactly, does Rossi stand? According to the Seattle Times, “His position on abortion remains unchanged: He opposes it except in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother. But he never brings it up on his own. 
The same story was offered during an interview with the
Spokesman Review in 2004, in which Rossi said, “I’ve always believed that abortion was never intended except for maybe cases of rape, incest…,” 
The bottom line is that Rossi, when pressed, presents a so-called “pro-life” platform that actually supports legalized abortion when the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, implying that the lives of some, of any “Little Emily” are not deserving of basic human rights. 
There is no greater assault on the sanctity of womanhood than the crime of rape—an unspeakable act of violation requiring years of physical, emotional, and psychological healing. In the rare instances when a pregnancy does result, the nightmare for the victim cannot be mitigated—but only complicated—by taking the life of the child. 
In his 2008 bid for governor, Rossi made this promise: “I will protect the most vulnerable people in our society.” 
And yet, is any person more vulnerable in today’s society than a child conceived by rape or incest? At WLC, we would like to ask Rossi why that child not worthy of his promise of protection? 
Rossi isn’t answering.  
When it comes to abortion, he’s not saying much at all these days. 
And yet, all over the state, people are seeking answers. This is typically what they get: 
“I am Catholic” 
“I will vote my conscience” 
“every soul has a value” 
At first glance, this appears to be a heartfelt expression of a pro-life conviction, but a deeper analysis brings up even more questions: 
How does his “Catholic” faith justify his compromised position on life? 
Does he believe that all souls have equal value, and more importantly, should they have equal rights? 
At a recent
news conferrence, Rossi told reporters: “If I’m going to have to make a judgment, I’m going to make a judgment on the side of protecting life: I always have protected life and I will,” —a statement that is at odds with his record and previous declarations.  
For weeks after his announcement to run for senate, Rossi’s website remained devoid of information regarding his positions on any of the issues facing our nation. Finally, last Friday, his website was updated. 
According to the
issues section, his position on abortion is: 
Even if Rossi’s position on abortion was without the previously mentioned “exceptions,” as pro-life voters, we have to ask ourselves if we are so easily won over by a candidate who is afraid to address the most pressing moral blight our nation faces.  
Currently 1 in 5 children in the United States faces execution, and because of that, the Unalienable Right to Life, written on the conscience of our nation, remains unsecured. 
As long as voters fail to make the Right to Life a priority, and politicians continue to take the pro-life vote for granted, abortion will remain legal, and our nation will be at odds with its founding principles.   
It is time to send Dino Rossi, and all our candidates, an uncompromised message:  

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Phil Spackman permalink
    July 2, 2010 8:23 pm


    Wow, I don’t think you have any idea just how special you really are. No one and I mean no one could have said that better than you did. That was riveting my friend and I will make sure a bunch more people know about you and this website. I can’t wait to finally meet you, Terra your amazing. Have a great fourth of July weekend



  2. Daddy Love permalink
    August 2, 2010 3:15 pm

    I do not understand the mental gymnastics that allow someone to think that forcing a woman to bear her rapists’ child is in ANYONE’S best interest.

    Have you asked a rape victim what she thinks?

    • August 5, 2010 11:02 pm

      Thank you for your question.

      First off, I will disagree with your premise that laws should be based a person’s “best interest”. That throws all kinds of ambiguity and conflict into the matter. Rather, laws should be based first on what is JUST.

      It is just that a convicted rapist faces the harshest punishment possible…far harsher than they face today. Why are these people ever released from prison in the first place? It is just that women are free to defend themselves and live in a society where they will be protected by law.

      It is also just to recognize the unalienable right to life in every human being, regardless of their circumstances of conception. It is unjust to devalue life based on the sins of the father.

      But back to your statement. Is it in anyone’s “best interest” to protect life conceived from rape? I have friends who were conceived by rape, and have heard the inspirational stories of others. They have a purpose on this earth that goes far beyond simply serving anyone’s “best interest”.

      I have also read heatbreaking stories of women who have both been raped, and had an abortion. One woman wrote of how the experience that most haunts her to this day is the abortion. The rape, as horrific as it was, was not something she had control over. The abortion following the rape was her choice–a choice made under stress and trauma. She regrets it.

      I’m sure this is not every rape-victim’s story, but to believe that protecting life conceived by rape is somehow insensitive, or anti-woman, is a farce.

      • Daddy Love permalink
        September 24, 2010 12:48 pm

        Ah, “stories” that you “read” or “have heard.” The last refuge of those without “facts.”

        Have you “heard” any “stories” about women who HAVBE BEEN forced to bear their rapists’ child because of regressive abortion laws? Even one? Not looking for them, perhaps?

        It is also “just” to recognize that it is an intolerable burden to force a woman to spend her life energy and ten months of mental agony to bear the child of an unimaginably violent,degrading, and invasive crime.

        It is also “just” not to force a woman into a lifetime of shattered health because she cannot bear a child without damage.

        But Dino Rossi (who, BTW, is a sure loser this November, and he really does not seem to care) believes that HE should be the one to tell these women that they should suffer because HE thinks they should. And that’s NOT just.

        Have you been raped and borne the child?

    • Aly permalink
      September 29, 2010 12:11 pm

      Perhaps the best, simplest, most concise response to these kinds of questions was another question posed by Scott Klusendorf:

      Is the unborn a life?

      If the answer is no, there is no reason not to abort it.

      But if the answer is yes, there is no excuse, no circumstance, in which it is acceptable to do so.

      The only way that one can say it is acceptable to abort is to also say that an unborn baby is not a life. And I think that it is very clear through science, reason, and ethics that the unborn human person is indeed a life. The only way around this is to start saying that the value of a life is determined by who wants it around, and this is unacceptable.

  3. Scott permalink
    August 22, 2010 10:29 pm


    This is a tough issue. But you make incredible points in that not everything is being done to prosecute those who commit the crime to the degree that it should be. Not every available resource is being offered to the woman to either keep or give up for adoption the child.

    I have to default to I’m not sure if I could force a woman to keep a child under such circumstances, but rather the society needs to honor life to the utmost including going the extra mile to help the woman be able to keep the child.

    What is troubling is that Dino has avoided the abortion issue more and more. We need leaders who are not afraid of taking a stand, who live what they believe, and can effectively and honestly argue their case to public. By avoiding the abortion debate, Dino allows the other side to “win” the argument. The truth is, being pro-life makes sense … it is the MOST compassionate thing both for the mother and child … and we live in an era where every effort needs to be made to protect the innocent rather than looking for a quick answer that brutalizes human life. But we need conservative leaders that will take a stand, and are not afraid of losing some support for what they believe. I regretfully do not see that with Dino.

  4. William Peterson permalink
    September 23, 2010 6:33 pm

    Dino is not as strong on the pro life issue as I am but think about the alternative, Patty Murray. She is probably one of the most pro abortion senators and will vote for bills and judges that are pro abortion. Before you won’t vote for Rossi please think about the alterntive!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • September 23, 2010 9:32 pm

      You are correct William. I will be voting against Murray (and for Rossi) in the general election. This article was written before the primary when there were still other candidates to choose from. Thank you for your comment.

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