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Jill Stanek: Socially Catholic Evangelical Protestant

May 19, 2010

Jill Stanek

Jill Stanek writes:

“…I now understand why I took Obama’s speech at Notre Dame so personally, for instance. I was as sickened and offended about that as my Catholic friends, because the ND administration and Obama violated that part of the Catholic faith, its social teaching, that is now mine.

That said, I realize, as Terra wrote, “Either you are a bona fide Catholic, or you are not. I am not.” I am not either. And I never will be…

…I write this not to start a quarrel. I don’t want to quarrel about this. I won’t quarrel about this. I lost one friend over this disagreement, and I won’t lose any others. That quarrel is 500 years old and is irreconcilable. I understand Catholic teaching on grace and works and simply disagree. I write this so as not to raise the hopes of my Catholic friends that I may someday convert (as well as reassure nervous Protestant friends).

That said, I much more identify with Catholic social teaching than Protestant social teaching.

So I’m some sort of half-breed. But in my mind I carry the best attributes of both parts of my Christian heritage…”

Continue reading Jill Stanek’s post here:

I have stated my beliefs as I felt morally obligated to. In concurrance with Jill, I am not going to quarrel further on matters of doctrine. Thank you to all of you who have sent in comments. I am grateful we can disagree vigorously and still remain friends and allies on a number of important issues.

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