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Killing Girls, the movie

August 14, 2009
” In American films everyone congratulates pregnant women. I am sorry we’ve never had that tradition in Russia. There have been four times in my life when I’ve heard only that metallic crackling. I’ve seen the ceiling above me. I felt only fear. I only thought of one thing: the hope that all this will end quickly. Those moments are impossible to forget; they can’t be altered or removed. They are my life, a life in which I will always love my only daughter, and always remember my unborn children.”

In today’s Russia, 80% of women have between 2-10 abortions during their lifetime. This documentory attempts to take a “neutral” look at abortion as it follows the lives of teenage women at a Russian reproductive health clinic. One floor of the hospital is devoted to live births, while the other floor is devoted to late term abortions. Many Russian women are told that labor-induced abortions are healthier than surgical abortions, and so they carry their child for at least 20 weeks, waiting until labor can be induced. It so happened that all the girls followed in this documentory gave birth to (aborted) baby girls. One young mother changed her mind and carried her girl to term.

I have not, nor do I intend to watch this film; I find the trailer disturbing enough. But I have no doubt that it is a powerful film that sheds light on how deeply a culture can sink when the sanctity of life is removed. The girls killed in this film are not only the infants, but the teenage mothers who suffer under the deception and hopelessness that confines them.

Warning: trailer contains graphic and disturbing images of labor

Watch the compelling and chilling trailer for “Killing Girls”:

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