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How an abortion clinic celebrates Mother’s Day

May 6, 2009
How do spend Mother’s Day weekend? Time with family? Maybe picking out a card, or bouquet of flowers to show appreciation for the mom in your life?

You might think that the pro-choice community would have little to do with this holiday. However, this is the weekend NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has scheduled its annual “Run for Your Rights” 5k Run/Walk at Green Lake. This year’s event is sponsored by a local abortion clinic, with the goal of raising funds to prevent and terminate motherhood among low income women.

Perhaps NARAL saw the irony in hosting this event the day before Mother’s Day. They have attempted to add a pro-family twist by encouraging mothers and daughters to join the “Moms of NARAL” team. Participants may bring their families and a special lane will be devoted to moms with young children and strollers. The standard registration fee is $20 and includes a “Run for Your Rights” T-shirt. (Suggestion: next year, how about a kid’s size “I Survived NARAL” T-shirt?). This pro-woman, pro-family veneer quickly wears thin, especially for the millions of women who have been hurt by easy access to abortion and other forms of birth control.

The sponsor this year is All Women’s Health, an abortion mill located in Northgate. Their website advertises abortions up to 24 weeks from menstruation (that’s right, over 5 months!).A premature baby can survive at this stage. Clinic employees may claim to be sympathetic to women in need, but at least one former client thinks otherwise:

“My girlfriend told me that the doctor wasn’t very gentle either…and that he said ‘just relax girl, its just like liposuction then you will be back to beautiful.’ Why would a professional say that to her? Is this a joke to him?…My only hope is that if anyone is thinking about an abortion, DO NOT GO HERE!!!”

This Mother’s Day, appreciate the moms who chose life and remember those who mourn never meeting their child. A friend once explained to me, abortion cannot erase your motherhood, it can only make you the mother of a dead child. You can read their testimonies of heartbreak and healing at the Silent No More Awareness website. And if you pass by the pro-choice crowd at Green Lake this weekend, you might consider saying a prayer, that they too would see the sacred gift of motherhood.

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