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Terra advises President Obama’s Council on Women and Girls

March 30, 2009
On March 11th, President Obama signed an executive order establishing the White House Council on Women and Girls. At first I was skeptical. Do we really need another council?

But after some consideration, I realized there are disparities and special problems that women face. Given my extensive experience in being both a girl and a woman, perhaps this could be a good opportunity to serve my county by offering the President my own council.

In light of the economic crisis and the President’s call for increased volunteerism, I will be offering my services pro bono—a small sacrifice for the good of the country. The White House website details the plan, and lists key objectives for the Council on Women and Girls After reviewing these objectives and performing careful research and analysis, I have prepared my recommendations for the council in the report below.

Objective #1: “Improving women’s economic security by ensuring that each of the agencies is working to directly improve the economic status of women.”

Women who are married tend to be at much lower risk of poverty. President Obama agrees, writing about it in his book “The Audacity of Hope”.To accomplish the goal of improving women’s economic status, I will advise the White House to create a match-making service to encourage marriages between eligible singles. I will volunteer myself as one of the first participants to test out the program. (Details and your free personality profile at

The other problem women face is the lack of income equality. Experts explain that women tend to choose careers that are more personally fulfilling, whereas men tend to go after careers that are more lucrative. Men are more willing to choose careers that require travel, long hours, and dangerous conditions, while women seek more of a work/life balance. Women tend to give birth and take time off to help raise children, thus interrupting their career track. Men tend to not give birth. Because of these differences in behavior, men on average earn more than women.To address this inequality I propose establishing a women’s re-education camp entitled: “How to Erase the Income Gap.” Women will learn what choices they can make if they want to earn as much as men. Lessons include: “Career Choice: it’s all about the money” and “Don’t have kids”.

Objective #2: “Working hand-in-hand with the Vice President, the Justice Department’s Office of Violence Against Women and other government officials to find new ways to prevent violence against women, at home and abroad.”

The primary role of prison it to protect the innocent and execute justice–not to provide indiscriminate rehabilitation. Domestic violence abusers and rapists ought to be imprisoned for life, without the possibility of parole.

When it comes to violence against women, handguns are the great equalizer. Women will be encouraged to learn how to effectively defend themselves, and the purchase of handguns by women will now be tax-deductible. (And remember ladies, Tuesday nights at Wade’s: 1/2 price lanes and free gun rentals.)

Objective #3 “Finally, the critical work of the Council will be to help build healthy families and improve women’s health care.”

Health care is indeed a dangerous place for girls. Just last year, a certain elective medical procedure resulted in the death of over 500,000 girls in the United States alone. This represents an unacceptable risk to girls and families, so I will advise President Obama to immediately reclassify this procedure as medical malpractice.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius hold strong convictions regarding family planning. I look forward to engaging them in a new campaign to raise awareness of the side effects associated with hormonal contraception, including increased risks of certain forms of cancer, heart disease, depression, and early abortions.

I applaud President Obama for providing an opportunity to take a closer look at these important women’s issues and look forward to working along side him in finding real solutions.

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